Arthritis in Pets

Rush Animal Care Clinic Offers Care For Arthritis in Pets

Just like people, pets can develop arthritis in their joints as the years pass that causes pain with movement and can affect their enjoyment of life. Fortunately, veterinary medicine has developed a number of treatments for arthritis to manage osteoarthritis that often occurs with aging.  At Rush Animal Care Clinic in Johnston, IA, we can help your pet with arthritis be more comfortable and more active.

Treatment of Pet Arthritis

Understanding Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is a progressive condition that affects the joints of the body. The structures that make up the joints experience wear and tear during normal movement, which can become significant over time. Large or heavy dog breeds may be particularly vulnerable to joint problems as they age, but these problems can also develop from old injuries

Symptoms of Arthritis

You may notice your pet “slowing down” in their daily movement. You may notice occasional or consistent limping. The animal may take longer to recover after playtime or outdoor activity. The animal may lick at an area of the body constantly, to soothe discomfort. Cats may eliminate outside of the box because it’s too difficult or painful for them to climb into it. The animal may seem depressed or not as engaged in everyday life as usual.

How Is Arthritis in Pets Diagnosed?

Your veterinarian in Johnston will carefully examine your pet, also investigating the way the animal walks and whether it appears to experience discomfort when touched or manipulated. An x-ray will help to detect abnormalities in the bones. Ultrasound testing can show problems in the soft tissues surrounding the joints.

Treatment of Pet Arthritis

Your Johnston vet may recommend weight loss and gentle exercise to help reduce symptoms of arthritis. A number of medications have been developed by veterinary drug manufacturers to treat arthritis pain and stiffness. Cortisone injections may be administered for severe inflammation. Nutritional supplements may be recommended to reduce discomfort and improve mobility.

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