Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs & Cats in Johnston

At Rush Animal Care, we work hard to keep our animal hospital and veterinary knowledge as up-to-date as possible. We want the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for your pets, so we invest in innovative technology that helps improve quality of life, including cold laser therapy. Whether you have an arthritic dog or an injured cat, this non-invasive treatment option could be a smart and safe way to help manage your pet’s pain and promote healing. Learn why we’re so proud to offer cold laser therapy for dogs and cats in Johnston, Iowa.

What Happens During Cold Laser Therapy?

Essentially, cold laser therapy is a treatment regimen that involves a small, handheld device and low-level laser light rays. Your pet’s veterinarian will begin by isolating the part of the body that needs cellular help, such as an arthritic knee, then use the device to send cold laser light directly into the cells that need to regrow. Your veterinarian may place the device directly on the skin or hover slightly above it, depending on your pet’s sensitivity and treatment needs.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy in Veterinary Care

Just like humans, dogs and cats suffer age-related degeneration that slows down their cell regeneration and leads to pain, inflammation, and mobility problems. Their tissue is also sensitive to trauma from accidents, surgeries, sprains, fractures, and more. Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical way to promote healing and relieve pain because it stimulates the cells to increase circulation, energy, and growth rates

Here are some of the many benefits that dogs and cats can reap from cold laser therapy:

  • Pain Relief – Laser light encourages the body to release more endorphin, a natural pain-killer, and it also reduces or eliminates some of the sources of chronic pain
  • Reduced Swelling – If your pet is recovering from an injury but inflammation is getting in the way, cold laser therapy may calm swollen tissue to make it easier for their body to start healing
  • Faster Healing – By stimulating blood flow and increasing cellular activity, cold laser therapy helps kick-start or speed up the body’s natural regrowth of new cells
Because the laser light only penetrates the surface of the skin, it doesn’t come with the same risks as surgery or hot lasers.

Conditions We Treat with Cold Laser Therapy in Johnston

Our Johnston veterinarian uses cold laser therapy to manage and treat a variety of conditions, including chronic conditions and sudden injuries. Here are some of the most common conditions we treat with cold laser therapy:

  • Arthritis – This degenerative condition slows down cell regrowth, but cold laser therapy helps your body do the opposite
  • Surgical Recovery – Regenerating new tissue after surgery is easier with cold laser therapy
  • Skin Lesions – Superficial cuts, abrasions, and other injuries may respond to cold laser therapy, which encourages new skin to grow
  • Fractures – After a bone breaks, cold laser therapy could help relieve pain and reduce swelling

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