Can my dog or cat contract COVID-19? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 and Your Pet

We are taking proactive measures for your safety:

  • We now have a cleaning entry station with wipes and disinfecting spray available for client use. 
  • We have increased the time interval between appointments to limit patient interaction with each other, as well as allow proper time to disinfect exam rooms following visits. Unfortunately, this does mean we will not be able to see as many patients per day as normal, but we have deemed this to be a necessary measure to take in order to ensure that proper disinfecting protocol is being practiced.
  • We are now offering to deliver select items curbside and take payment via credit card over the phone. 
  • For animals with low anxiety/stress, we are now also offering curbside retrieval/return of your pet to your vehicle. Cats must be in a carrier and dogs must be on a leash! Patients with high anxiety/stress will not be offered this service as they are a potential flight risk and we do not want them getting away from us while we are transitioning them into the clinic!

We understand that many of our clients have questions and concerns regarding the health of their pets and COVID-19. We are happy to help provide information to the best of our ability in this actively developing situation. Thank you so much in advance for your patience and understanding as we take the necessary measures to protect the health of our staff and clients.  


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