Eye Injuries in Pets

Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. Is Your Johnston Pet Clinic for Pet Eye Care

We know how important your pets are to you. In an urgent situation when your pet is not well, Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. is here to help alleviate your pet's pain and discomfort and help them heal. If your pet has an injury, call us to set up an appointment or find out if it is an urgent care situation. We are your Johnston veterinarian clinic that offers caring veterinary care for pets in the area. 

Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. Is Your Johnston Pet Clinic for Pet Eye Care

What Should You Do If Your Pet Has an Eye Injury? 

An eye injury in a pet can quickly turn into an emergency due to the possibility of infection. If your pet is showing signs of eye irritation, it may be caused by an injury, allergens, or a variety of other causes, and it is a good idea to bring him in to be checked out to make sure there are no objects in the eye, since an eye infection can permanently take a pet's eyesight relatively quickly. If there is a visible object in your pet's eye or eye area, do not remove it. This is an urgent situation that may require immediate hospital or clinic care. If possible, apply a wet clean towel or gauze around the eye and come in for care immediately.

How Are Eye Injuries in Pets Treated?

We will help calm your pet if he is in pain, and then we will do a full ocular and head exam. Treatment will depend on the condition of your pet's eye and the extent of the injury. Antibiotics and or other eye drops may be prescribed and your pet will likely have to wear an Elizabethan collar for a time, to prevent further damage. As each injury is different, your pet may require long term treatment or simply a checkup. Either way, do not delay treatment if your pet has an eye injury, or he could end up permanently blind. 

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