Health Certificates

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

If you are flying commercially within the continental United States, you will need a certificate of veterinary inspection (also, known as a health certificate). We will perform an examination of your dog or cat to determine their fitness for travel. This is a requirement of the airlines. Following the examination, we will issue to you two copies of the certificate. You will need to take those and a copy of the Rabies certificate when you arrive at the airport. A certificate of inspection must be issued within 10 days of your departure, and is good for 30 days. Only an accredited veterinarian can write these. Dr. Rush will be happy to assist you with this paperwork.

International Health Certificates

If you are planning a trip, or a move, overseas (including Hawaii) please contact our office as soon as you know your possible plans. Each country has its own specific requirements for importing dogs and cats. Some want blood testing done in advance, some require specific vaccinations, and some want parasite treatments. Hawaii has strict import mandates for dogs and cats because they are an island state. Some countries will require quarantine upon entry. It is best to contact our office so we can assist in the timeline preparation. Since the travel requirements are very specific, we will help you so that all guidelines are met. For some countries, the process needs to start several months in advance of departure. Only an accredited veterinarian can write these certificates. Some of the international documents need to be sent to Wisconsin for the UDSA veterinarian to sign. Dr. Rush has written certificates for Japan, Thailand, China, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, as well as travel to Hawaii.

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