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October 18, 2011
" My 8 year old dog, Katie (black Lab) hasn't been able to get up for about a month. I had taken her to another vet but had come to the point of taking her to Iowa State for an MRI when I heard about Rush Clinic on KIOA. I took her there and after 2 laser treatments she was able to get up and walk by herself. Thanks Dr. Rush. "
- Virgil C.

The top video shows Katie on her first visit. You can see that she tries to get up. Her owner is coaxing her, but she is completely unable to stand. He was having to support her every time she would need to go outside. The bottom video shows Katie after 6 treatments.Virgil wanted his truck buddy back, and she is now able to get in the truck by herself. Happy dog, happier owner!

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