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Pet Allergy Treatment from a Vet in Johnston

It’s true that we humans can be allergic to our pets, but what about our pets themselves? Can they get allergies? Absolutely, they can. Many of the same allergens that bother humans can also make pets itchy and uncomfortable. By discovering what your pet is allergic to, you can get them the treatment they need at a Johnston vet.

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How Do Animals Get Allergies?

Pets can get allergies much like humans do: repeated, prolonged contact with the allergen often causes symptoms. Dogs in particular can get allergies to insecticidal shampoo and other cleaning products, perfumes and certain scents, prescription medications, certain foods they eat, cigarette smoke, feathers, dust mites and dust itself, mold, weed, grass, and tree pollens as well as plastics, rubber, and fabrics.

Allergies may start from puppyhood or later in the dog’s life. Dog breeds like Boston terriers, bulldogs, pugs, retrievers, and setters are most susceptible to allergies.

How Are They Diagnosed?

Your pet may have an allergy if they’re licking obsessively at an area, they’re sneezing, or they seem itchy, so take them to a Johnston vet. There, they can run an allergy test like an intradermal skin test. This will rule out most allergens. If it’s a food allergy, the pet may have to change their diet for a while to see which ingredients irritate allergies.

Once your vet has a clearer idea of which allergens are disrupting your pet’s life the most, they can prescribe a treatment.

What a Vet Can Do for Pet Allergies

There are plenty of treatments available for pets dealing with allergies. Immune-modulating drugs are one of them. The same antihistamines you use (including Benadryl), may be recommended. Allergy injections are yet another option.

Surprisingly, aloe and oatmeal sprays as well as fatty acid supplements have been shown to provide some relief. These natural options are good for health-conscious pet owners.

Lastly, cortisol shots are available. These are kind of a last resort for when other medications haven’t worked or the allergy is quite serious. Your veterinarian must approve of this treatment before it can begin. This dosage of medication is much more than the other treatments. You may also elect to change your pet’s diet and give them baths every week.

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