Pet Allergy FAQs

Our Johnston Vet Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Allergy

Did you realize that cats, dogs, and other pets can have allergies, too? At Rush Animal Care in Johnston IA, our vet team is committed to helping animals of all ages and health backgrounds find relief from their uncomfortable allergy symptoms. 

Pet Allergy

What Is an Allergy?

An allergy is an immune system response gone haywire to substances that are not harmful or noxious. It's not always clear why some pets have allergies, but they are likely caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. 

A few of the most common causes of allergies in pets include fleas, dust mites, pollen, carpet cleaners and other household chemicals, medications, and certain foods including eggs, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and beef. 

What Are Common Signs of an Allergy in my Pet?

Pet allergy signs can vary in terms of severity, location, and type, but the following are a few of the most common ones to look out for:

  • Waxy discharge, redness, and/or odor in the ears
  • Frequent licking, biting, chewing, and scratching
  • Red, swollen, irritated paws or areas between the toes
  • Hair loss
  • Crusty, red, scaly skin that may or may not ooze discharge
  • Foul smelling or dull coat
  • Rare but serious signs of severe allergic reactions including hives, facial swelling, and respiratory problems—these require immediate medical attention!

Signs of an allergy in your pet can present like other health conditions, too. Since the only way to know for sure what's causing an allergy in your pet is to seek vet care, call our Johnston vet staff right away if you notice any unusual signs. 

How Can a Johnston Vet Diagnose and Treat a Pet Allergy?

At Rush Animal Care, we treat a pet allergy by addressing symptoms and the underlying cause of the allergy as thoroughly and accurately as possible. To do this, we may require biological samples such as blood, skin, and urine. We may also ask you questions about your pet's food and lifestyle. 

Once we've identified the cause of your pet's allergy symptoms and have ruled out other causes, we can provide allergy treatment. This may include medicated shampoos and ointments, oral medications, nutritional supplements, dietary counseling, and more.

Could Your Pet Have an Allergy?

Contact Rush Animal Care at (515) 270-2240 to set up an appointment with one of our Johnston veterinarians. Led by vet Dr. Barb Rush, we're committed to helping your pet feel better by providing affordable, effective, and customizable vet treatment. Call now to speak with our friendly staff. 

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