Pet Illness

If your pets are dealing with an illness, you undoubtedly have a concern about their well-being and wish for them to receive treatment so that they feel better. Contact Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. in Johnston to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians if your pets require urgent care for illness. Read on to learn the signs of illness in pets, how to care for a sick dog or cat, and why seeing one of our veterinarians for emergency pet care can help.

Pet Illness

Signs That Your Pet May Be Sick

There are several symptoms that dogs or cats may display if they are feeling under the weather. Behavioral changes are a big indicator that your pets are not feeling as good they normally do. If your pet suddenly makes changes to their bathroom routine or if they are not eating or drinking as they had in the past, they may be dealing with an illness. Common cold symptoms include coughing, wheezing, eye discharge, or eating changes. Digestive issues may be noticed if a pet is vomiting, has diarrhea, or becomes constipated. A pet that is not feeling well will likely not want to exercise, may become lethargic, and may feel warm to the touch.

How to Care for Sick Dogs and Cats

If your pets are not feeling well, provide them with a comfortable spot to rest in your home away from activity. This will help to keep your dogs or cats calm and will help them to get much-needed sleep so that they can regain their energy. Provide your pet with plenty of water to drink. If your pets are unable to eat, it is best to contact one of our veterinarians to make an appointment for a visit. Check on your pets often and be sure to talk to them and stroke their fur to give them a sense of comfort at a time when they aren't feeling well.

What Happens During an Urgent Care Appointment

It is wise to make an appointment with our veterinarians if your pet is not feeling well. During an urgent care appointment, our practitioners will check your pet's vital signs and provide it with a full examination. Blood tests may be recommended to help determine what is causing your pets distress. Treatment for the ailment will then be provided to get your dogs or cats back on the path to feeling like themselves once again.

If your pets require urgent care, contact Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. in Johnston to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Call our practice at (515) 270-2240 to find out more about emergency pet care for your pet.

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