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If you are a proud pet owner of a cat or dog, their health is sure to be one of your main concerns. It is extremely important to tend to your pet's medical needs when necessary. Give a call to Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. if you live in Johnston, IA or outlying areas for vet care when needed. Here are some reasons why seeing our veterinarian regularly will help to keep your dog or cat in the best of health.
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Wellness Exams And Preventative Care

Our veterinarian will conduct exams to check on your pet's overall health during their yearly visits. If your pet is currently suffering from fleas, an eye infection, illness, or another medical problem appropriate treatment is administered to heal your pet. Preventative care tactics are also taken to keep your pet protected from further health problems in the future. This includes dietary monitoring, pest control medication administration, spaying or neutering, and the use of immunizations.

The Benefits Of Vet Care On A Routine Basis

There are several benefits to be obtained by bringing your pet to our veterinarian each year. A history of your pet's overall health is kept in document form, helping our vet to notice any differences in your pet's behavior and body structure. If a difference is found, our veterinarian will have clues readily available to help them use the right actions to remedy medical problems efficiently. Bringing your pet to a vet each year also helps to keep them from contracting diseases as immunizations are provided to thwart them altogether.

What To Expect During A Pet Wellness Exam

When you bring your dog or cat to our practice for vet care, their history is first evaluated by our practitioner. A thorough pet exam is conducted while you are present. This includes taking your pet's vitals and weighing them. If their weight is not within the recommended range for your pet's age and breed, dietary measures are taken to ensure your pet is receiving the right nutrition for optimal health. If needed, immunizations are administered during your pet's yearly visits. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, our vet will discuss the importance of these surgeries and an appointment will be made to conduct the appropriate procedure if needed.

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If you live in Johnston, IA or nearby, finding the right veterinarian to provide vet care for your pet is extremely important. Contact Rush Animal Care Clinic P.C. today to make an appointment for a wellness and preventative care exam for your dog or cat. Call us at (515) 270-2240 to find out about scheduling availability for your pet.

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